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WebCRD automates ordering, fulfillment, job ticketing, production management and chargebacks across corporate print centers. WebCRD offers customers more automation, more control and more return on investment (ROI). With RSA's web-to-print, increase automation and grow volume as much as 30-300% without adding staff. Even better, lower your digital document production costs by shifting volume from more expensive print sources to cost-effective in-house production printers.
WebCRD has a proven, documented track record of providing superior ROI for customers, with a rigorous implementation process from solution design and configuration, to installation and roll out, and responsive In-house support. All designed to get you up and running as soon as possible and experiencing immediate results.

The WebCRD Advantage:
•    Guaranteed: The only company to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
•    Valuable: Single screen ticketing improves user experience
•    Thorough: SurePDF driver ensures print-ready PDFs
•    Clear: SurePreview shows all finishing options and eliminates mistakes
•    Productive: Drive production printers via JDF or native language with multiple site support
•    Efficient: Support for enterprise authentication, integration with enterprise applications


QDirect controls and automates workflows, routes jobs, and manages output across the entire enterprise.
Consolidate printing and maximize equipment utilization with QDirect. QDirect accepts jobs from any source, including the network, mainframes, hot folders, and other RSA applications such as WebCRD and M.I.S. Print. Centrally manage and route print jobs to a wide range of destinations, including production printers, the fleet, archival systems, email, or submit into an external prepress and workflow application.
QDirect supports numerous file formats including PostScript, PDF, PCL, LCDS, EBCDIC, ASCII, IPDS and VIPP™.
Boost productivity, control and automate production, while reducing costs and maximizing printer utilization. Simplify workflows to improve flexibility and turnaround time.

EFI Digital Store Front-

Flexible, Web-to-Print eCommerce Software
In today’s competitive landscape, customers are demanding tighter turnaround times for their custom print jobs, so your business needs to be accessible and efficient. Digital StoreFront helps you meet this challenge with a dual-purpose Web-to-Print platform designed for the printing industry.

The scalable solution includes a robust set of tools, powerful add-on modules, Fiery® integration, and flexible deployment options to help you meet your clients’ diverse print communication needs for top line growth, while providing a seamless onramp to print production for bottom line growth.

Digital StoreFront offers:
•    Personalized Marketing. DSFdesign Studio™ offers immediate entry into single version VDP, while shortening the production cycle and lowering costs. Powerful VDP technology (from XMPie or FusionPro) complements the solution with single record (versioning) products as well as 1:1 personalized products to support more complex, direct marketing initiatives – all via the rich Digital StoreFront experience.
•    Unlimited, Customizable StoreFronts. Create branded, "sticky" storefronts specific to your customer base to drive adoption and more online revenue.
•    Streamlined Job Submission. Digital StoreFront's powerful Visual Product Builder lets print buyers order, edit and preview their job specifications on a single page! Plus, with EFI Print Messenger, buyers can submit print-ready PDFs directly from their desktops from anywhere worldwide without any training.
•    Automated Workflow. Digital StoreFront creates an end-to-end content and commerce workflow by providing seamless integration with EFI Fiery® servers and EFI Print MIS/ERP solutions. Integration means less re-keying of job data and fewer chances for production errors.
•    Deployment Flexibility. Digital StoreFront can be deployed on-site or from the cloud, depending upon your business requirements.

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