Variable Data Solutions

PlanetPress Suite-

Optimized production, distribution, and archival of transactional documents with automated workflows

With PlanetPress Suite, customers gain complete control over their IT systems:
Document layouts can be modified at will and printing can be done using simple white cut-sheet paper. PlanetPress Suite connects to any existing host server, ERP or application in order to generate reports and produce documents with total flexibility, with no complex programming or consultation fees. Data from any source can be merged and filtered, barcodes and OMR marks can be added to existing documents, to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive documents.

Various output formats are also available making it possible to automatically publish documents to the web or to EDM systems while automating their distribution in the format preferred by recipients, electronically or not.

PrintShop Mail-

PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing composition tool, easy to use for beginners with advanced capabilities for experts.
It optimizes VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed.
Any design - Any Database - Any printer - Anywhere around the world
With PrintShop Mail Suite, merge any design with any database and print onany printer, now from anywhere around the world with PrintShop Mail Web as a central production server.

Doc Form-
DocForm creates powerful and personalized variable content documents. It is designed for print documents and eDocuments of all types – from workgroup to production.

DocForm is intuitive – allowing quick project design and implementation – yet scalable and powerful enough for demanding enterprise applications.

In addition to creating print documents, DocForm can also create collaborative and personalized electronic documents – such as eForms, eContracts, and other eDocuments. Create these at either a headquarters or at a remote office, apply signatures, and automatically and electronically route them to other locations – even auto-archive them to a document management system. It’s also easy, through customer fill-in screens, to automatically create a wide range of supporting documents.

DocForm dynamically merges a wide range of variable and static data such as names, addresses, text, photos, logos, images, messages, discount coupons, charts and graphs, barcodes, calculations, Web links, and more. It can simultaneously merge data from multiple sources such as databases, flat files, print streams, data streams, ERP and CRM programs, XML, the Web, third-party applications, abductor.

DocForm also allows data input to all your documents from many sources, including signature pads, Tablet PCs, remote PCs, XML, third-party applications, and the Web. DocForm is the single application your organization requires for your variable data print and eDocument applications.


Direct Smile-

Boost direct marketing impact while saving costs
How to win new customers, increase customer loyalty and learn more about the needs of consumers? Data is the key, and with DirectSmile Cross Media you will be able to easily collect and utilize them for impactful one-to-one communication.

One tool, all possibilities:

Combine printed mail pieces, websites, e-mails and mobile media for data-driven campaigns and address customers in a highly personal and targeted way. To optimally exploit all the benefits, DirectSmile Cross Media offers you an unmatched degree of integration and automation, resulting in fast and cost-effective creation of campaigns and applications.
Whether it's the simple design of personalized media, the convenient management of campaigns and processes, or comprehensive response tracking – everything is part of one cross media solution that simply runs in your browser.

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