Capabilities that Strengthen

Advanced Imaging Solutions will strengthen and bring harmony to your workflow and process capabilities to automate and drive your content-related tasks and activities. All too often companies find that they are spending significant amounts of time in managing mail, making copies, faxing and monitoring printers.  AIS can collaborate your processes and allow you to store, organize, view and modify. 

AIS is known for streamlining document management processes and full service capabilities. All important financing, leasing, and billing questions can be answered immediately with Advanced Imaging’s live customer care. By becoming a strategic partner, AIS will help businesses through a structured plan, increase workflow and productivity while increasing overall efficiencies which will maximize cost effectiveness.

AIS has a well-trained industry-experienced staff to accommodate all your needs.

  • Delivery - AIS delivers and installs your new system
  • Technical Service – All of our Service Technicians fully manufactured trained AIS employees.
  • Inventory – Immediate turn around time as we have local inventory of products, parts, supplies, & equipment.
  • Customer Service – Expedite live personnel & unique customizable support programs to handle your service concerns. 4 hour response time, average 2.87 hours
  • Financing – AIS has direct financing, with unique upgrades and transition opportunities.
  • Communication – Ease of Communication through live personnel, electronic e-mail, scanning, and fax capabilities.
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