Sterling Edge

Advanced Imaging Solutions announces the Sterling Edge!

Advanced Imaging Solutions prides itself in providing our customers with the “Sterling Edge” support: Service and Products delivered to the finest of standards.
In today’s marketplace, most document management providers are large corporations and as such are dictated by the stock market. This type of corporate management does not lend itself to consistency in programs and high service standards. Typically, personal service and attention suffer due to high turnover of personnel. 
AIS is locally owned and because of its People, Products & Proximity, can provide personnel service and attention thru our highly skilled and long-tenured personnel. Decisions that affect customers are made by local management. Inventories of products, parts and supply items are onsite at AIS’s local warehouse. Financial transactions such as leasing and billing are administered locally as well by experienced personnel.

AIS enjoys partnerships with the very best in class manufacturers such as Konica Minolta, Sharp, Lexmark, Canon, Kodak, KIP and HP which further enhances our ability to provide the “Sterling Edge” support to our customers.

 Experience our Sterling Edge service.  Contact us today!


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